Blog Candy and a Paper Pumpkin deal..

Good Morning… fast as you can blink – this FLASH SALE will be over….so enjoy that cup of coffee and then sign up for Paper Pumpkin…for just a crazy….super crazy deal of just $5.00 – I ask you….what in the world do you have to lose?





To take advantage of this speical…simply CLICK HERE …. purchase and  then enter the promo code ONEDAY0717 from June 29 at 11:59 PM to June 30 at 11:59 PM to get your kit at this incredible price. This FLASH SALE is for 1st time subscribers!






As promised…here is a picture of the bag that I made with the June kit. It is soooo darn sweet and guess what – I have it filled with something other than “Sweets” that we think of…like cookies – candies etc…..



How would you like to win the bag and also the goodies inside?



Easy – leave me a comment as to what you think is inside and I will send it to the lucky winner. If we have multiple winners I will use to pick the winner!

You are going to need some hints….so here you go!

  • It is product
  • I like it….actually a lot!
  • There are several of them


I can’t wait to see the comments! I always think that it is soooo fun to see! Guess what….when you sign up for this flash sale…you will be an official PPP’er = (Paper Pumpkin Person…well at least for a month) so you will be able to go in and order past kits…..






Ordering past kits is a perk for PPP’ers…so if there is something that tickles your fancy….go for it! The June refill kit is now available!

Good luck !



A “fruity” thank you….




Happy HUMP day! Today I have a “sweet & fruity” thank you that I created using the June Paper Pumpkin! It is so funny to me….when it is time for the Paper Pumpkins to arrive (around the 12th of the month) there seems to be a buzz going around…..“Did you get your Paper Pumpkin yet….What is the kit” – the fun is the mystery each month!

Here is the video of the kit and on Friday I will share with you another take that I did using another part of the kit. For me…it is fun to try to use them in a different way than what was intended but truth be told there are months that I just like to sit and have some “me time” and put it together while watching the video!






You can see that the kit is soooooo festive and fun for Summer! I always LOVE the stampin’ spots and this month there were 2….I say – WOOT-WOOT!!! These little gems come in handy and are great to have if traveling! (you can re-ink them just like the big ones)

You can see that I cut the DSP of the fruit and made it into a simple square and then matted it to make a fun square card! One thing that I want to touch on…can you see how distinct the melon mambo sentiment is?

That comes from “conditioning the stamp” – I have blogged about this many, many times and this card is a great example of why I believe that taking the time is totally WORTH IT because your end result will be a great clean and crisp stamp!







The stamp set is Thankful Thoughts. It was carried over this year which made me happy as it is a clean stamp that covers many cards that we will make when a simple “thanks” is in need! Aren’t the fonts great?

I wasn’t sure what to do today so all I did was STAMP….get the scissors out and GO TO TOWN and cut it randomly and then a quick mat. I say, when in doubt…..pull those scissors out! It’s a fun look and take seconds….just do it!






I enjoyed reading the comments on yesterdays post so I kept the party rolling. It truly is fun to add the extra pizzazz to the envelope. Remember, there are no rules other than to have FUN!







I love the bright and bold elements of this card and I think that the square size looks super with the fruit! I am excited for you to see Fridays project…..(heck – I would love it if Stampin’ Up! added this) to our product line…it was super fun and fresh!

I know that Paper Pumpkin is not for everyone but the element that is always true…you can make it work for you. I admit that there are months that I am not over the moon about but I will say they always can be put to use! That what creativity is….making it work for your needs!

Guess what tomorrow is….YEP – TIC TAC TOE day! I hope that you will pop back tomorrow and see the card that when with yesterdays post….it’s a keeper!





A tip for your Tuesday!


Happy TIP TUESDAY! Last week I was surfing around looking for something specific and look what I stumbled on.

On Amazon, they have a broader way for you to look and see options for specific interests ~ This is called Shop by Room, Craft Room. I admit, it was super fun to click away and just see what is out there!

By now you know that I love to share with you things that make life easier, make us smile, make us happy…. 😀

I invite you to have some “me time” and click away and see what tickles your fancy! I am a container junkie….with doing a SUPER QUICK breeze through...I saw this….and thought – this would be perfect for me when I am working on putting my kits together as I love things that stack as (stacking saves room and stacking makes things look tidy)

You could just have a “hay day” going through all of the different items that are things that “work for our needs”  – here is one that I use….a BUNCH….but I will give you a “HEADS UP” that in the new catalog we are going to be coming out with a similar product and I cannot wait to try it to see if I like it as much!



I know that I am a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator but I also know that there are many other great resources out there and I don’t know about you…but I do not buy all of my clothes from the same store or do I buy my groceries from the same store …you get it!

Here is an item that we DO HAVE but we do not have it in FUN COLORS…and it is only about the color for me in this instance…WHY????  = EASY….I have GREAT INTENTIONS of keeping a set of plates for just embossing….and if they are clear…somehow – someway – they get “in the mix” so having a FUN color it makes me STOP and use them just for embossing!



Well…this post can be short…because you can have FUN! Please share with us in the comments something fun and interesting that you think we all can find unique and useful!

Have a great day….tomorrow is HUMP day and I have another “keeper” Birthday card for you….that is one thing that we all seem to always need and appreciate ideas for!




Here is a HEADS UP! – the retiring list is M E L T I N G ….so please do not overlook the goodies that are out there….and in closing….as PROMISED – I would let you know when the April Paper Pumpkin Refill was available…and WOOT-WOOT – it is! Click here to grab yours….but remember, you  need to be a Paper Pumpkin subscriber to purchase them…





So….if you really want it – and it is GREAT….and true ~ you will not get the stamp set with this refill….but REALLY – how can you go wrong with being able to get 12 complete cards with FUN liners for just $9.00….and we all know that you have many sentiments that will work….so GO FOR IT!

How can you get it without being a subscriber????….EASYhit that below button for a months subscription…and then after you do that – you can order this refill (I would get many) as I adore it and remember the examples that I showed you……CLICK HERE TO SEE! 

See you tomorrow….. 😀





Fun & Fresh…I’m lovin’ it!



Well HELLO my cyber friends….today is a GREAT day as today is my “knight and shining armors” Birthday! 62 years ago today the best husband one could ask for was born! For his sake…I am super glad that his special day is after the end of Tax Season! Trust me, he is THRILLED that tax season is over and his office is closed on Friday to give his employees a well deserved 3 day weekend!

I need to share…I was TICKLED PINK (even though Daisey is Black) that you all enjoyed yesterdays card. I am sure that you can imagine how excited I was to see that Stampin’ Up! came out with this “swine fun” – and I hope that you allow some piggies to come to your home when the catalog goes live June 1st.

I am sure that you all have seen MANY…MANY posts about the Paper Pumpkin for this month. I did not want to share with you the video (even though I am sure you have seen it) until today when I share with you some ways that I made up the cards in a different way than the kits teaches you.






I will say – HOMERUN….I think that Sara did a fabulous job with this video and you can see her natural love and passion she has with Stamping. I felt like I was right there with her! I adore everything about this kit and you better bet that IF refills are available….BAM….I will hit that button and shop away!

Even if you do not have this kit, please take a coffee break and watch the video because the technique can easily be done with just our basic products that we have as it is a simple embossed resist technique with watercoloring. I will try to do a post for you using a stamp set that is current so you can see that it can be done!

I have a parade of pictures for you and I hope that you enjoy how I made some “keeper” cards that I think are SUPER CUTE and proud to send. I had a text from a downline last Thursday BEAMING WITH JOY about the kit and the suspense was killin’ me so I said – PICTURES PLEASE!!! I loved seeing the sneak peek from Pam and mine came on Saturday….it is just fresh and fun! ENJOY!!! 😀



For this card I just squeezed the lid of the NEW Lemon Lime Twist and picked up some color on the brush and dapped into the areas as shown. I just think that this is such a fabulous and crisp color combo!




This was made using the technique that you saw in the video using the watercolor pencils…..I scribbled Bermuda Bay and the Daffodil Delight to get this fun color! Let your INNER ARTIST out….I know it’s in there!



Bummer that the picture is not the best but this is a FUN card and I was super pleased with the end result. Again, it’s all about this fun color combo and the sheer ease of adding water and ink to paper! I say FUN!

I wasn’t going to use the flowers because I thought that they were a bit “blingy” for this clean and simple gal but I pushed myself and I am glad that I did…again, fresh and fun!






IF and when refills become available….I will post it and for my Paper Pumpkin People (I love that name…I call them my PPP’ers) and I will send you an email in case you want to order more.

I am just so giddy about this new In Color….hang in there if you look at it and say…..I am not sure about it….because I am hear to say… is FAB-O and one that will POP with many combinations!

Please remember, to be able to order additional refill kits, you need to be a current Paper Pumpkin Subscriber…below in the products used that you will see that you can purchase just a month subscription. It is fun, it is doable!

Have a FUN day and it’s a Birthday kind of day tomorrow… is “In the Air’!




Tips for your Tuesday!



Happy Tuesday and you know what today is – a tip! We have all heard the expression….if you are given lemons….find away to make Lemonade!




Know you know me by now…I am very honest an up front about how I like products, what products do I not care for and other products than Stampin’ Up! products that I find to make my Stampin’ experience better! The main thing is….to have fun and it is as simple as that!

I am going to be totally upfront….the Paper Pumpkin Kit for December was not my cup of tea….(no nasty mail please) but I found a way to make it work for ME! (I did love and appreciate the black marker…..just saying!) 😛 I like to create my families memories in a different way but I say – WOOT-WOOT as there was a BUNCH of stuff to “re-purpose”

Because we all know that Sale-A-Bration is the sweetest time of the year…..this is also a GREAT time to subscribe to Paper Pumpkin and earn Sale-A-Bration Items!

Now you might be scratching your head and saying – WHY IN THE WORLD would Susan be blogging about this if she was not crazy about what she received for a month! I say EASY ANSWERS….

  • We can’t have it “our way” all of the time, people all have different tastes…
  • Paper Pumpkin is a solid program that is delivered to your door every month and if you do not like it…there are ways to make it “work for you”…just like I did today.
  • Paper Pumpkin is a PERFECT gift to “gift” to someone…anytime! It is a complete kit so you can have some “me time” and have fun!


During Sale-a-Bration is a perfect time to sign up for an extended membership so you can earn FREEBIES! We all love FREEBIES and there is nothing like opening up your mailbox and see that box…and then it happens…..HURRY – GET TO YOUR “SPACE” and take it ALL IN! Trust me, this happens each and every month!

Grab that next cup of coffee and watch this video….



Now  is YOUR turn to see a parade of pictures on how I made this work for me. There are ALWAYS ways to make it work for you and I hope that this post not only made you smile….but also when you clicked on and saw the initial card…and then thought = Oh my, where did this come from….

I do not use the “Neutrals a bunch” as a base color (well….naturally I do use white and vanilla) but I will say, I do love Early Espresso. It is a great and solid brown that “just works” – Do you have a favorite color collection? I seem to go back and forth from the Regals to the Brights!

So I guess the moral of this Tuesday Story is…we need to make the best out of what we have.

I hope that you understand where I am coming from as there are ALWAYS ways to look at something and make it work! I am a HUGE proponent of USING WHAT YOU HAVE.…and this is what I did with this specific kit.

I will also give you an idea….IF you a Paper Pumpkin Kit that is “just not you” – donate it to a Girls Club or a Nursing Home…trust me, the joy in your heart and the smile that you will make to someone will make you easily forget that you were not a fan of that certain month….

In my opinion, Stampin’ Up! does a great job with this program and we can’t get it right all of the time….(but I will say – I LOVE JANUARY’S KIT)… go for it – get the rewards with the FREEBIES of Sale-A Bration……you will be a happy stamper!

The other great option with Paper Pumpkin is if you need to skip a month because “life/vacation” gets in the way – you can pause it for a month and then when you are ready….get right back where you left off! This program sure has come A LONG WAY and all in all – I say it’s a great glass of Lemonade! 😀

Paper Pumpkin…..with different twists!



On yesterday’s post…I shared the Paper Pumpkin Kit for October. Today I am sharing with you some ways that I have “tweaked it a bit” to go out of the box! I think that it is fun….actually SUPER FUN to work with to make it work for you!

I have a bunch of pictures for you, I hope that you enjoy them and I have inspired you to make things have a different twist. I had fun making these. Enjoy!






I am one that usually does not like a distressed look but the back ground stamp  is wonderful. It gives a depth to a solid piece of paper in a jif. This “Thank You” comes from the stamp set, Vertical Greeting. To me, this is one of the most unique stamp sets that Stamp’ Up! has come out with…you will see it next week in  card that will make you smile! 🙂









I think that this below card is fun, super fun and super sweet. I chose not to make it a shaker card and to you see the color behind the leaves? It is from the envelope that was provided int his months kit! Yep….I had some scissor surgery on it and I was thrilled to discover that I could use it in a way that was unique!

In yesterdays comments, Ramsey had commented that the envelopes seemed to be too tight when you put the shaker card in. Well…I tried and I actually found the same thing. I did call Stampin’ Up! about this and they said that they tried and it seemed to work. Please let me or Stampin Up! know if you are experincing that.

I agree with Ramsey…it is a super TIGHT fit to go into the envelope so just be careful. This is when I decided to cut up an envelope and POOF!!!! I make it work for me!




Here is the picture of the envelope after scissor surgery. Just look at all of that yummy paper to work with. You might be thinking – what do you do with a card without an envelope? Well, you could use one of our regular envelopes and also I would most likely send a card that has a bunch of “fun and detail” in a padded envelope.

I have blogged about this before in using padded envelopes for special cards.





Isn’t this sentiment the best?!? It is from my good old stand by, Cottage Greetings – I just love that stamp set!


Cottage Greetings






Now…do you see that FUN popper? I blogged about these gems a couple of weeks ago and it always seems that this time of year I make these a bunch. They are an instant “smile maker” . I took Very Vanilla paper and used the stamp from the kit to stamp my paper to look like a DSP. (LOVE the effect it gives) and then made a belly band from the envelope (above) Here is the link to the recent post that I did with the poppers.






Last card for you….I made the shaker card effect but kept the envelope paper as the backdrop. I just used a wee bit behind the windows of the leaves and then a small strip across the top. (with just having a limited amount, I tried to save where I could).

The “congrats” added a fun twist. It is from the Sunshine Wished Thinlit Dies. You know that I adore sentiment words in framelits!








Well, that’s it for today! I hope that I was able to stir up some creativity for you to help show you that you can take that little orange box that you get and make some other projects out of it. It is a fun challenge for me to do and I get excited to see that box in my mailbox monthly.

Remember, you can subscribe to the Paper Pumpkin Program for 1 month, 3 month subscription etc….and it you do not care for it – NO BIGGIE….just cancel, there is no penalty or obligation. With that say, what do you have to loose for a month….just try it and if it wasn’t for you…just cancel. Make it a fabulous Friday!




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