Stepping in UP for your Sunday!




Good Morning and welcome to the day of the 2 day personal challenge that I do were I take yesterdays project and step it up a wee bit. As I said yesterday, this is a SUPER fast and easy card to whip up and I will say, Stampin’ Up! taught me a lesson…..the lesson that we all have heard – don’t judge a book by its cover.

I admit, this stamp was not on my “A list” and truth be told not even on my “B list” (I am being totally honest) but I had a customer that just loved it and wanted a dozen of these cards. She loves to send cards out but sadly does not stamp….she just buys! When a new catalog comes out she loves to look through…and yep – this caught her eye.

I am still in amazement with how fast it comes together and I am going to say it out of the gate, I like both cards but today’s wins my heart. I will say…the pictures are hard to give it the love it deserves….but that’s my pick – todays card.






Below you will see the stamp stamp that was used to make these cards and if you did not see yesterdays post….I would go back and read how I truly believe that conditioning a stamp is the key to great success with a clear, clean & crisp image. Face it…if you stamped this and it is not a solid black image….you are going to be struggling to have a great end result. Taking the time is well worth it!









Now to some close ups and comments. I think the reason that I am leaning towards this card is that I like the “white” – I am crazy over So Saffron as I think So Saffron always makes things better but I just like the White with the matting of the Pear Pizzazz.

The Shimmer Pear Pizzazz Ribbon… also a smile maker and it just adds a subtle yet classic touch and feel to the whole card. I just used Tear -N- Tape to hold the ribbon in place and then tool a small piece and made a quick knot and adhered that with a simple glue dot!









The other addition I did today was using the Clear Wink of Stella Pen over the letters and in the centers of the flowers….that wee bit or shimmer does the trick when you hold the card in your hand! That is a “secret weapon” that we all need to have in our stash!






There you go…another weekend post in the archives! I hope that this perked you up to take another look at this stamp set. I will say that we always are learning lessons and this is one that I am glad that I learned!

Happy Fathers Day to all of those wonderful men in our lives…..we worked our little tails off yesterday around the house and are going to take some “us time” today! Thanks for the Oscar wishes….he is doing well but yesterday I think he had a bit of a tummy ache and for you people put there that have horses… know that it is something to not take lightly…..

I wish that I could have re-wound sleeping last night….but worrying about the animals and checking Oscar throughout the night was needed. I think we are on the right track….A quickie on Mr. Perfect Dog…aka – Milo…..he is getting around like a tripod would do….that little leg of his is straight out but he is in no pain…he continues to melt my heart!

Thanks for popping in and have a wonderful day!




Step it Up! on Tuesday!!!





Yep…you read it right….we are stepping up Saturdays post to Tuesday! Life happens and I couldn’t have you not see how it was stepped up! Creating is the fun and easy thing about blogging….the time to sit and type, edit etc is the time drainer but I am back!

I have the “stepped up” card from my last post on Saturday so it is up to you…..side by side you decide! I have been in the trenches…the paper and ribbon trenches but I am thrilled to say that my 1st wave of Product Shares are out the door! (and I was glad to shut that door)

If you were in the 1st wave…you will need to do some stretching (I am warning you) because you will be doing the dance….the you know what dance…the HAPPY DANCE!

You can click here to see the card on Saturday…and then you can laugh at me as YEP….you are correct – todays card is in Soft Sky….not Pool Party like the one on Saturday. Now I ask you….am I the only one on this Island that does this? Clearly they are 2 different colors but I admit, when I grab this color I often do this and I did not discover it until after I had heat set the wood image! (Silly Susan!)





The floral star of the show is the below stamp set/bundle (FOR SURE I WOULD GET THE BUNDLE) and as I said before….I know that we have many florals but this one has it all…to me it is a very practical and useful stamp as there are lots of “fillers” – I love “fillers” as they allow you to tuck in here…..tuck there and the end result – a masterpiece.






Now to the POP Stamp……Tree Ring. This is an “A list” stamp…I invite you to go to pages 164 & 165 in the catalog and look at our background stamps. Background stamps make a huge difference with minimal effort. We have some new kids on the block and they are keepers. There were (2) on my first order…..can you guess what the other one is that I just “had to have”?







After using the stampin’ buddy and Versa Mark Ink….I heat set it with White Embossing Powder and the WOW happened! You never, ever get tired of heat embossing….it truly is magic before your eyes! Because this is such a large stamp…you easily have the ability to cover the whole front panel of a card, today I trimmed it to 4″ X 5 1/4″

I invite you to take a good look at the background stamps as they truly are a great “little something” to have to add a totally different feel for a card. Todays card is my pick…I just love the details in the wood and the white just pops the floral part!







I am just giddy about this arrangement. I think that it is fun to lay some of the elements flat…others POPPED up….just have fun. You know we what about the “classics” a bunch –  today is no different can you see how the nesting circles and the stitched circles are perfect elements for this card.

We all know that Mr. Big is the best and also we have many great basics that compliment Mr. Big….when people ask where do I start with getting the dies/framelits…..I say start with the basic shapes!











Seeing it with the DSP is a smile maker….right!?!? Even though I had the wrong color today you can see that it blends. It is funny….when I see DSP Papers I immediately let me head go wild in thinking what stamps and themes of cards I will be using.

When you look at the catalog you can see that Stampin’ Up! already breaks the DSP down for you into “suites” – this Whole Lot Of Lovely starts on page 86 and I would really use the samples in the catalog to get you to really get to know the feel and colors that the DSP’s go towards.







Here you go…your PIN for the future! I think that we all know someone that would be thrilled to receive this card. The sentiments in this set are also so practical and super easy to use…a quick STAMP….then MR. BIG and you are done!






Well…that’s a wrap! I hope that both cards tickled your fancy and you can see that they both are keepers in many ways. Using the scored lines on Saturday is always a fun one to do and also it is creates a WOW with minimal effort but the heat embossing really POPS it up and I personally never get tired of the effect.

Tomorrow is a FUN day….as it is a Pals Blog Hop……so you know what that means, INSPIRATION TO THE MAX as there is so much talent and FUN out there! Have a great day, be safe with this heat wave we are having (sounds like a perfect day to stamp) and I hope to see you in the morning!




Steppin’ it up for your Sunday!




Good Sunday to YOU! I hope that you are having a wonderful Holiday Weekend and here is your “stepped” up version for our 2 day fun that we have on the weekends. This is a card that I wish was in your hands because darn…the camera is just not giving it the love that it sooooo deserves!

I adored yesterdays card as it was sooooo clean and simple but it is that wonderful sentiment that just makes this card. I will say that today I let my “Inner Picasso” have fun and I thought that it was a fun “take” on the sentiment…



We ALL are truly artistic so don’t be afraid to shine!

This was super easy and super fun! If you are looking to change things up and have some FUN…than do this technique. All I did was take scrap piece of paper and cut our 2 circles from our nesting circle dies. If you have some punches, they would work great as well – I just had Mr. Big out for the other pieces.

I like to blend with Tim Holtz Blending tool, just a personal preference as the foam/sponge piece just velcro’s on the base. The link that I shared also has a pack of extra sponges…I like it this way because I put my used sponges in a small zip bag and label the color so I can easily grab and blend away.

I think the reason that I prefer the “tool” is the handle. I tend to be very “heavy handed” with color and I think that this blending tool allows me to have a more even pressure.

After I tap it into the ink, I tap it on my grid sheet and tap…tap…tap some of the ink off so that when I bring it over to the circle stencil there will not be a blob and harsh line. You can see that there appears to be some shading int he circles but there really is not – it was just the amount of ink I put down.

Work in a circular motion to give you the most natural results and also try many colors….you will love the blending of “new” colors when you play. I chose to stick with Pacific Point to keep the monochromatic look!







After I had the FUN of playing and blending with ink…I added the clear Wink of Stella over the pacific point Circles. It is super hard to see the beauty in the pictures but trust me, it is a perfect amount of subtle BLING without being too fussy.

The Wink of Stella Clear is a product that is a must have. It is a secret weapon to pull out to add that little “something-something” to a card.

If you have never watched this video…please watch it before you fool around with your Wink of Stella – once you follow the “how to’s” in getting your Pen primed….you are good to go! A great product for a little cost! It also comes in gold…but I rarely use that one, the clear does the trick for me!







I just think that this is a super FUN card! Just look at the layers and the textures. I added some “Droplets” to the card for a fun feel. I love these little accents and I do have them in colors as well but I tend to use the clear ones often.

Stampin’ Up! does not have these and you can pick them up at craft stores….here is link to Pretty Pink Posh – while you are there – check out this area where you can see how to help you store your BLING….do you remember I blogged about that on a Tuesday Tip last year? – It truly is a game changer! A container that you can GRAB and GO!









Here hopefully you can see the glimmer on the circles from the Wink of Stella Brush Pen. I thought that the droplets would be perfect as I knew that I had dimension on the card because of the layers and face it – there are times that a bit of bulk is WORTH IT!

Yesterday I received a card that was “extra in dimension” like this card would be to mail and even before I opened it up I knew that it was special….and trust me it was! I ask you….We take the time to create….we put our time and love into it – why not spend some extra on postage if you have bulk – the recipient will LOVE IT!







One more look with the fun envelope! I knew that this paper with the FUN polka dots would be a favorite for me. It would be super cute to make a background like I did here with the colors that are in the DSP. I hope that you can see that there are so many different ways that you can mix up techniques and come out with a fun card that is clean and simple!

You all are going to just go bonkers over the new ribbon in this catalog. Stampin’ Up! really….REALLY out did themselves and it was sooooo hard for me to “pick & choose” what to add to my Ribbon Share as I just could not include everything….but I think that the ones that I picked will be keepers for you! Look at the variety of colors that I chose…if you which to participate in a share, email me.





Hopefully your weekend is going great! Yesterday was a full day but a fun and rewarding day. After the strawberry fun we went to a Memorial Day celebration and I will say – I walked away feeling so blessed and proud. The speaker was amazing and truly was able to communicate how special this Holiday Weekend is and how we need to be proud and thankful for all of the men and women that have served our great country.

Thanks for popping in and taking a peek! I can’t wait to hear how you liked this weekend post. Sometimes it is fun to do something a bit different – isn’t that what all creative people do – they try new things to see if they like them….or if they don’t! I just love the fact that you can take simple products that we all have….(our stamp pads) and then use them with shapes and HAVE FUN!





Step it Up Sunday…shakin’ it!




Good Sunday to you…..let’s do a little shakin’ today! Shaker Cards are always a hit because of the WOW factor of the elements inside the card but I think that many of you think that they are super hard to make….but remember, it’s ME and I am super simple!

I have a ton of pictures for you as I think that there are times that a visual is a help but please know…you can always leave a comment and/or email me and I will be happy to help!

Before we get to the post I wanted to comment about the Product Shares….I will be emailing out a confirmation email to you this evening so you will know that I received your email and request. It truly is easier for me to wait a couple of days and then send out a mass confirmation…click here to see the offerings for the shares.

Ok – LET’S GO! I hope that after you see the post and you can see that breaking the shaker card into steps….you will realize that it is super easy – and hopefully you will go to your craft area and try to make one! If you do not have all if the products that I used…improvised – just try!

As we do each week, side by side….YOU decide! This weekend challenge it is really hard to see by the pictures the fun of both cards. There just seems to be times that the angles of pictures I take(like the one below) just does not do them justice but hopefully the closer detailed ones will help you see the sheer fun for my bear and little bird!





We basically took the same elements from yesterdays card but SHOOK IT UP! Here are 3 tips for you that I think are imperative for shaker cards.

  • Window Sheets – (naturally) because “makes” the holding of the card elements.
  • The correct adhesive – Our Foam Adhesive Strips are PERFECT for shaker card….just peel the release paper, trim the length – PRESTO plus I am giving a pack free this month with my purchase with gift and product code. (see drop down above on my header.
  • Embossing Buddy – This might surprise you but it really helps with the static you can get with the window sheets and the sequins that you put in…..just give the inside surface and edges of the foam adhesive a rub and this really helps with the movement.


After I created the basic layout for the card…I took the piece of scrap white that will go in the back of the window and stamped the tiny circle image that is one of the stamps. I used my stamp-a-ma-jig for perfect placement and it worked like a wonderful dream!

You will see on the picture below that I am asking you….do YOU use the stamp-a-ma-jig???? Please give me some feedback because I am very passionate about this wonderful “piece of plastic” and if you are not comfortable with it – I want to help as it is a life saver at times….After getting my circle where I wanted them, I quickly added some color wash to the inside of some!

I do have a MISTI (actually 2) and use it all of the time, but honestly – there are times that you need the Stamp-a-ma jig and this is one of them!





Now to put the FUN in…..just pile up towards the center whatever your heart desires to shake around. Today I did a mixture of many things – I pulled out my container of embellishments and then made sure the window and edges were “poofed off” with the embossing buddy before putting the window of the pile of fun!

With the expression on Papa Bears face….it looks like he is scared with all if the fru-fru getting ready to come down on his head. You can see that I adhered the bird to the outside of the window with a dab of green glue!







Now that I know that the shaker element is taken care of I added a piece of  DSP (3 1/2″ x 4″) that matches the envelope back to the front of the card. This paper, the color and fun design is an INSTANT pick me up when I see it – so bright and cheerful.

Here is another tip….when you adhere an embossed piece like I have use either the tear-n-tape or fast fuse to adhere – WHY? easy, you need a good firm hold so this will not lift up from the base card and if you used green glue (you could but I do not care for it as much) there are times that the green glue will “puddle” in the embossed areas. (hopefully this makes sense)

Now to the real fun…..






Can you see in the above and below pictures that I took a wee thin strip of card stock to make a fru-fru? This is so easy to do when you use the trimmer and YEP, I adore our trimmer for this just like this! After cutting it I simply rolled it around a pen to give it a bit of  “FUN” and then adhered it with a simple glue dot before placing the bakers twine bow on top!

What do you think? I was tickled pink with the whimsy and here you can see the scattered elements in the card. “Mr. Bear” still looks a bit perplexed but that’s ok as once you shake this card….you will be forgetting about him and having fun with what you made! 😀







Here is another angle of the fun card. I will say….when you take the extra effort in making a shaker card you will feel a foot taller as you will be so proud of yourself. I admit, I was TOTALLY INTIMIDATED  to even attempt to make a shaker card but once I saw it broken down into “doable steps” I thought – I could do this! Here is another post I did shakin’ it up!

I think that if you look at your stampin’ stash you will also see that you have many stamps and framelits that you could use for a shaker card. Any nesting dies would work and as I have say a ca-zillion times before… you have the basics….you will be a happy stamper! 😛







Now I ask you….would this card make you smile from ear to ear if you received it? Guess what – someone WILL RECEIVE it by simply leaving a comment and sharing. Please feel free to share if you like it….or like shaker cards….what you have found to be helpful when making them (as this is how we all learn) or whatever your heart desires!

On Tuesday I will post the winner…I can’t wait to hear from you all and I am happy to send this sweet card of FUN and COLOR to you!






Enjoy the day….do something fun….

or do nothing at all but all I ask is to ENJOY TODAY!

Yesterday I picked up more sticks than I could count. We are dog sitting the grand dogs so we are back up to 6 dogs for the weekend….never a dull moment on Randall Lane but that is the way I like it!

I will see you on Tuesday with some more TIPS for you to store in your brain….I just love to share things that make life easier. We are winding down the Stampin’ Up! year so please do not forget to look at the RETIRED PRODUCTS…there are some blue ribbons in there!

I will see you Tuesday and please remember to check out the Product Share….I will email out confirmations tonight (while watching Iron Chef)…heck, we all have tv loves….

In closing…here is one of my loves – my dear and oh so “perfect” Milo…he is by my side always and I just could not resist grabbing my phone to snap a picture of him…he is POOPED laying beside me. I truly believe that he was brought into my life to ease the pain of losing Eddie. I adore rescues as I really think they appreciate and know the love they get!






Happy Mothers Day & Step It Up! Sunday



Woot-woot today to all of the Mom’s out there. To me, being a Mom is the best! I truly can say that I enjoy and treasured all aspects of being a Mom….no doubt that there have been times of patience and curveballs but I love my peeps and I love being a Mom.

I also want to give a hug to all of you that might be having a tough day as well….as I am in that court as well as my wonderful Mom is no longer with me to share the day with but she is and always will be in my heart! We used to love spending the day together and doing something fun and this IS the day that she would say, NOW YOU CAN PLANT YOUR FLOWERS OUTSIDE…..(she swore by the motto of not planting flowers until Mothers Day)

Well…thoughts? This post is showing you the “Stepped Up Version” and you decide! I have a confession….I was going (or should I say I planned) to do more but I STOPPED right here as I thought it was just the perfect amount of a change and I was super happy.

So…side by side, YOU DECIDE! I am over the moon happy that I bought this bundle and truly I am asking myself….how did I miss it before. I swear, when you do not see a bunch of blogs showcasing a product… seem to skip right by it ~ I am thrilled that I hit that button.





I have some great pictures for you so you can see closely the details of this bird with absolutely no effort as the detailed framelit does the job for you and then you can see that I added the soft suede beak and feet to our little friend….and I did that by cutting it out in soft suede and then adhering it right over the blue.

I am going to say…..I LOVE this card and the changes I made are soooooooo minimal but I think that the “feel and texture” wins! I was going to add some little yellow flowers as I love yellow and blue together but before I did so – I said – STOP…it looks great as is!

LOOK at the details in this bird… will see that I have stamped the images from the stamps in this bundle and YEP, there are great birds that you could color and then cut them out….but if you are in a time crunch – just use these framelits!








Below is the catalog image of the bundle, remember… is only available at the bundle price until May 31st, after that it it is just a la carte! Early bird gets the worm….so don’t wait, I think that you can see the possibilities of this set. You will see all of the products that I used at the end of the post.






Yesterday I shared with you that I was going to remind you how I like to condition my stamps. I ALWAYS do this with the photopolymer ones as I think that it is super important to “condition them” to get great stamps each and every time! I have a MISTI and I find it to be helpful for doing a whole stamp set like you see below.

By all means, you do NOT need a MISTI and before I had a MISTI, I simply used my stamp blocks and did the same like I would be stamping regularly. (This just saves me a bunch of time) 

Here is a funny….do you see the orange? Well…when we have a paper that is discontinued….I use them to do odd thing like this – I do think that you need to stamp your images on a paper of like quality that you will be using ultimately so I always have a stash of papers that are not current that perhaps were not my favorite (for some reason I do not use orange a bunch)





I can hear the GASPS through the computer when you see that I stamped everything in black….YEP, that’s how I like to roll – I like to go ahead and get them dirty because face it – they are going to get dirty and this way I have it already done! I personally think that it is so much easier to find your stamps with they are already black ….




Now let’s get back to the card…I told you that I would share with you the dimensions of this sweet card. Please remember, you could easily adapt this to a regular A-2 Card but you know me, I adore my square cards!

I totally forgot to put the correct ribbon that I used on the line up at the end (just noticed it after I had it typed up)….I used this – the  5/8″ Burlap Ribbon (this IS being carried over and I would highly suggest that you have a roll of this in your stash). WHY???? easy – it works very well for an instant pop of texture and then you can also make a bow and you will have the same material used.

I could have made the bow with the linen thread but the colors would have been off a bit….just trying to give you a tip! (sometimes it is the little things that make a difference)

  • The card is a 4 1/2″ Square in Thick Whisper White
  • The Pear Pizzazz is  a 4 1/8″ square
  • The DSP from the NEW Color Theory Stack is a 4″ square.
  • The birds are also from the new stack and WOW – was it easy…..just a crank through Mr Big and just LOOK at the details in the birds!
  • I used the brush ends of the markers in Pear Pizzazz and Soft Suede to ink up the branch before stamping and then I did take an aqua painter to make the colors appear more solid (you could easily skip this)
  • To add some texture, I took (2) pieces of the 5/8″ burlap ribbon and using tear & tape I anchored them down letting the ends flip up a bit to give movement on the card.
  • I pulled apart some longer threads of the ribbon and made a simple bow and adhered it to the ranch with a glue dot.
  • The Foam Adhesive Strips were the perfect adhesive for this card….you can bend them to exactly where you want them!
  • I stamped the sentiment in Soft Suede and snipped it to a banner and matted it with Pear Pizzazz.
  • I did use the Envelope Punch Board to make a custom envelope but you could easily use a regular envelope!


Well…that is IT for this fun weekend post! I hope that my little birds brought you some joy and hopefully have also shed some light to you in case you are like me, and MISSED IT in the catalog!






I will see you on Tuesday and I have a great post for you…it is an organizational one that is quite appropriate for this time of the year. We all know that the new catalog will be rolling out soon and we need to be organized before it comes so we make practical decisions in ordering etc.

I find that if I am honest with what I have and know what I have, I can make better decisions. Hopefully this makes sense….you will just have to POP back and see!

Have a wonderful and special day….HUGE MOM HUGS to all, I know that we all know a MOM out there that could use a hug, a way to go, a I’m proud of you…..remember, it’s the little and unexpected things that make a HUGE difference. 😀 









Step It Up Sunday with bling!




Good Morning…here is a bit of sunshine for your Sunday morning with a bit of fun new bling with the Gold Faceted Gems. For the “stepped up” this week I decided to change the orientation to a vertical card and the cut off 1″ of the bottom of the front of the card and stamp the sentiment of “Thank You” on the inside base of the card!

So…here you go ~ side by side, YOU DECIDE!





Yesterday I shared with you that I would take a picture of the stamp and also the paper from this suite. Right off the bat I knew that this bundle would be coming to Randall Lane for 3 reasons…

  • This stamp set is a photopolymer and that makes me super happy!
  • The bundle has a punch and a classic punch of a Daisy Flower is a winner and that makes me happy!
  • Bundles give you an instant 10% discount (and then I get another 25% discount) and that makes me happy!


It is just so much better to be happy  😉  (life is just too darn short)




You can see that the paper is colorful and artistic. If you have never watched the video that Stampin’ Up! has on how the artist create and then make many of our Designer Series Papers. I know that it is an older video but it truly is very interesting so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this short video. (it really makes you see our papers in a different light from this short video)

I am truly amazed that many of our papers are soooooo beautiful that I hate to cover them up! I am excited for you all to see the new papers coming out. I know that it is hard to see in the little picture above but hopefully you can get a feel of the watercolor look and feel this collection offers!





As the title of this post says….there is a bit of bling….. and here you go! Meet the NEW gold faceted gems ~ they are going to be hot aa it is the perfect combination of bling with classic (hope that this makes sense) By now you know that a little bling to me is adding some ribbon or twine (that is another addition today) but I just had to add these gems.

Glitter and I do not see eye to eye as I think that is a total mess and at the end of the post I will tell you a funny about glitter in the Itell household but these new gems are just the perfect balance and they come in 3 sizes  – a quick peel off and stick – BLING!





I just had to take a close up for you because of the beauty. It looks like gold glitter is embedded in these gems and they are stunning. When I saw them in the catalog I though….nope, not for me but I am sure that they will be a hit but I did purchase a pack for a preorder and when I saw them in person – WOW….I was so wrong as they are a great mixture of bling and classic to really brighten someones day!

These beauties will definitely be on my Product Share that I will be offering to you all soon. (Heck – I know you need time to get the catalog 1st and take it all in) but I know that you realize that Product Shares are the way to go when a new catalog comes out so be ready for FUN! My catalog are on order and the labels are made….so all I am waiting for is for them to arrive to Randall Lane.





I know that it is hard to see but I did cut off 1″ from the front panel of the card….here are some quick measurements for you – I love this style of card as it creates an instant interest when you hold it and see that it opens “not even”

  • The base is a thick whisper white in the vertical mode with 1″ cut off the front.
  • Stamp the “thank you” on the inside with Night of Navy (because it is a photopolymer….it is a cinch)
  • The Daffodil Delight is 4 1’4″ X 4 1/2″
  • The white is 4″ X 4 1/4″
  • The DSP Strip is 1 1/2″ X 4 1/4″
  • The flower was tone on tone stamped with daffodil delight and pear pizzazz

I would either make a card today with this formula or write it down as I know that you all have many stamp sets that you could make a similar card. I think that making it yourself helps you through the process and then I would write the measurements on the back and keep it for reference for the future.

I have a tin that I keep near my work area that “formula cards” in it and I will say when I am in a creative slump – it is a pick me up to look through and find a layout that tickles my fancy! TRY IT – I think that you will be happy ti have a library of reference.




Another rainy day on the East Coast but today we re having another “weed date” – as much as weeds are nit my thing – we have to deal with them and I would much rather get them out when the soil is easier to get the darn job done!

Now for a funny on glitter and please pass this on to others that have young children that are loosing their teeth. When my oldest was at the age of loosing their baby teeth I had this WONDERFUL Grandmother give me a great idea on how to deal with the “tooth fairy” and it was always a huge hit!

She told me to purchase a small container of fine clear glitter and when a peep lost a tooth and had it under their pillow….sprinkle a small amount of glitter from the window in their room to their bed when you go to to the “tooth fairy magic” while they are sleeping.

The next day they will wake up and have a shimmer to them….well I did that and it was a wonderful magical experience each and every time when they came downstairs and said…..THE TOOTH FAIRY CAME!!!! (and I would say – look…she kissed you and sprinkled fairy dust on your cheek ~ this is the ONLY example of glitter that makes me smile)

I will say…one container of shimmer lasted for all 3 peeps as I only put a wee bit because of the mess but trust me, it was worth each and every vacuum just to see the magic in their eyes and the smiles on their faces! I just love memories like this!

Now go have a GREAT day…make some memories….have some “me time” to do something for YOU and I will see you on Tuesday!



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