This little piggy is MINE!




Happy June 2nd! Whew….busy week but a great week. Well….thoughts???? Have you been having fun with the new catalog? I know, I know…it is a bunch to take in as we all know change does take time to get comfy!

With that change I am going to help you get “comfy” with the catalog over the weekend so it will feel like a great pair of shoes that are broken in for you! I am the 1st one that gets a bit uptight when the grocery store changes things…so I GET IT” – and I will have some ideas and tips for you!






I have a super sweet card for you today and then at the end I have some animal pictures! Yep, I do…as after all if I am going to show case this ADORABLE PIGGY STAMP….my sweet swine need to slip in a post!

The other day I had asked if any could guess what one of my other “must haves” would be and yep – you guessed it….This Little Piggy Stamp Set. I have to admit, when I went to the On Stage in Richmond they gave this stamp set away as an all attendee giveaway.

Needless to say I was thrilled and I could hardly wait to get home and play with it. ( I did think….wonder what all of the others think about going away and coming home with a “pig stamp”?…just sayin’)  😆 





Naturally I adore piggy’s. Pigs are cute. Pigs are super smart. Pigs need love. Put all of those things together and it is an instant smile factor. Another smile factor is the beautiful pictures that are in the catalog.



I have been just “itchin’ “ to show you these as well and yep, I CASE

( Copy And Share Everything) – why not?

They are “keeper” ideas and I am just like you – when I see something that inspires me, why re-invent the wheel? How about thinking like this….GRAP THAT WHEEL and make your own imprint on it!






Ok – Let’s get to it. I would say THANK YOU Stampin’ Up! because this is a brilliant and fun layout! You can see that I simply used some “classics” (the heart framelits) along with the Sparkle Texture Embossing Folder to add the interest to the card’s base! I ask you – how easy is that!

I stamped my swine (we are going to have to name these pigs) with the Archival Black Ink(this is a must have ink and I now use it exclusively) I took the plunge and removed other blacks from my work area as this does the trick for all techniques that you use…(works with Copics too) and using the Aqua Painters, I did a super quick color!







I did cut out a vellum heart….adds a fun touch and popped the whole thing up so my swine can shine!!! Speaking of popping up – are you as excited as I am for the NEW Mini Stampin’ Dimensionals? I know…I know – we can cut the ones down that we have but not having to deal with that is a WOOT-WOOT in itself….

I will send you a pack of them FREE along with another must have (in my humble opinion) – the NEW Bakers Twine in Flirty Flamingo….now go ahead and do that dance…. a 2 for 1 for placing an order with me in June!











On Tuesday I have a tip and tricks for those of you out there that say….“I am not good at Watercoloring” – I actually am excited for this one as I think that the topic will leave a message for you to think about each and everyday!

Just look at this picture below….you can see that I am out of the lines and guess what??? Who cares? It still looks super cute! Just look at this piggy smiling as she skips away with her flower – I say adorable!






Now speaking of A D O R A B L E….here’s my sweet Daisy Mae!

John stopped and was actually nice to her as she LOVES her head to be scratched – just look at that smile on her face – only a face that a proud Mama like me would love. When you get her in a spot that she likes…she just closes her eyes…..puts that nose of hers up ….and SMILES – life it great!






Last night when I was finishing up at the barn…I thought – well look at this, we are having a family party and I could not resist taking a picture! Dear, sweet Arnold and friends….(his Donkey is always by his side) and sweet Daisy, (she loves her Equine brothers) and even Jack and Milo and by the fence – this is ONE BIG PARTY on a beautiful evening!





Well…that’s what I have for you today! I say ONE SWEET CARD with a great layout (remember….I call these formulas for the future) that will make you endless amounts of great cards and a little bit of my fur babies….BIG and SMALL!

Please remember if you want to take part of the 1st wave of the product share…the cut off is SUNDAY, JUNE 4th but I will offer another one the 3rd week of June. (Sorry….I need to do this to get the share orders out and then I also have my Monthly Kit.) so take a look and email me if you would like a share. I will start today to send out the Pay Pal invoices for the 1st wave.

I think that one of the BEST perks this month is the extra $35.00 in Stampin’ Rewards (free product of your choice)….a touched on that yesterday but I will say WOOT-WOOT as when I ordered myself yesterday…I was doing the dance myself! Please email me if you have any questions or need a Hostess Code yourself!






Have a great day….and I look forward to tomorrow as I will help you with some TIPS and IDEAS of making this catalog feel like your favorite shoes! Now go and be like Daisy – SMILE!





WOOT-WOOT…let the NEW begin!

I am squealing with happiness that it is HERE – the NEW 2017-1018 Catalog! I know that you all have been waiting for today to come and yep…it is here and I hope that you dive right in and take it all in!




The NEW 2017-2018 Stampin’ Up! Catalog


Because of the “late start” with not being able to order…I thought – you could care less about a card today so I am just giving you a PEEK of tomorrows card and yep – many of you guessed it….the stamp set that I was just squealing about is This Little Piggy!

 Many of you know that I am the proud Mama of a piggy and her name is Daisy Mae.

I adore her and even though she is not a pink piggy….(she is black with a wee bit of white) she is just BEAUTIFUL in my eyes! You have to admit, this is one cute stamp set and I bet when you see the image, you smile!

It is going to be a SUPER busy Stampin’ Up! day but a fun day!

Please feel free to email me if you need help and my fingers are crossed that today is a “smooth sailing kind of day” for the launch of the NEW catalog!

To kick off the new catalog, Stampin’ Up! is also offering a $35.00 bonus in Stampin’ Rewards for orders over $350. See the below chart and if you want a Hostess Code of your own….again, email me and I will be glad to get you set up! It is as easy as that!

I think that people imagine that this means you need to have a “in home” event…nope – not at all! Think about it this way…email your crafty friends and give them your hostess code…if the order is $350, 12% is  $42 free + $35 = $77 free!  I can help you place orders, it really is easy and their orders will be shipped directly to their home.




Each month I offer a goodie for people that order from me. Please use the Hostess Code below (the current on is always on my side bar) to make it easy for you! If your order is OVER $150 please do not use it as I want YOU to take advantage of hostess rewards but yep, I will send you the goodies for the month!

You know that I just ADORE Bakers Twine…and I am giddy about the new colors! This month, with a purchase of $75+ I will send you both the Flirty Flamingo Bakers Twine and the NEW Mini Stampin’ Dimensionals – 2 blue ribbon winners as I hope that we STICK together!

Let’s all have a GREAT DAY and have fun surfing and purchasing…..YIPPEE FOR JUNE 1st…I can here you squealing with joy!

The hour glass has turned…let’s get crafty!




Well I admit, I am doing the “happy dance” as the time is just about here to see the NEW Annual Catalog. I will say that I truly enjoyed this past catalog and I am going to be sad to see products go but at the same time I am excited to play with “new toys”

This stamp set, Crafting Together is THE BEST. I think that it is very fair to say that all of us will smile when we see it because IT IS ALL ABOUT “us” and WHAT WE LOVE TO DO!  😀 







Yesterday I shared with you that taking advantage of Bakers Twine and goodies would be a fabulous gift for a crafty friend….well – how about this great card to write a note. You could easily make this a Birthday Card or a just because etc…but I think that you “get it”

There are 2 stamp sets in the NEW catalog that caught my eye the very 1st flip through…and yep – you will see the 2nd one tomorrow!  (can you guess which one it is?) I think that you all know the feeling…that feeling in an INSTANT I just have to have it  feeling!

Yep, I am so happy that Stampin’ Up! created such a fun stamp set that depicts all of the thinks that we like to do – CRAFTING and then the other one that I just had to have, because it is a Susan to the tee!








Today I watercolored the images using the Aqua Painter and a variety of ink colors. (you can see the colors that I used at the bottom of the post) but heck, you can use whatever your heart desires as we all know everything that we have is always so fun and colorful!

I also used the watercolor paper today, I usually just use the Thick White Card Stock but today I chose to use the watercolor paper because I wanted to go for the texture that it has…..(to kinda go along with the feel of the card) and also this paper is super heavy so I knew that it would be a great choice to “fussy cut out” with the paper snips and then pop up with dimensionals!

I like to tape my image to a small cutting board and tape it down to hold in place. This just seems to work for me and I find it to be the easiest as well (it is funny that we get into habits)







Below you will see the (2) DSP’s that I used. At a first glance when you see the Color Theory paper you might be thinking that you are in a paint store….well – I can see why and I will say that this is becoming a very helpful collection of paper. This little print is so subtle but it gives an instant depth.

The wood piece from the Wood Textures is just the perfect choice to ground the images. Just look at all of the different warmths of colors and hues of wood. This will be a very helpful and useful stack to have!








There really isn’t much to say than to go for it and have fun. I am glad that I used the watercolor paper as I honestly forgot how forgiving it is…because of the properties of the paper….you can slop a bunch of water on it and you will be good to go!

Even if you do not watercolor a bunch, having a package of this paper is a great idea. You have heard me COUNTLESS times go on and on about the basics – well yep, this is one of them. Watercoloring is a very simple technique that many of us THROW THAT WALL UP and say – I can’t do that…..but in fact we all know that we can and guess what….with practice and time we all get better!







I just had to show you one more time the front angle of this card. I just am giddy about this stamp set and I know that this will be inked up over and over and each and every time I will smile bigger and bigger as I truly love what I do!

There are so many ways that you could step this card up but I will admit, I am happy with it just as is! The addition of the linen thread and bow not only gave a layer of texture but it reminded my of my tin that I keep all of my swatch books in….I know that it is silly but I often tie a piece of ribbon around my containers as heck – I see them each and everyday….why not make them pretty!







Well….that’s it and guess what???THIS IS IT!

Yep, the last chance for you to get anything from the catalog as tomorrow…all of the waiting will be over and YOU can shop away and can share with you the in’s and out’s of the new catalog!


Here is an important “head’s up” for you tomorrow…

When you wake up tomorrow the new catalog link will be ready for you but Stampin’ Up! online ordering will be down from midnight tonight (May 31st until noon tomorrow June 1st) As you can imagine it is a huge job to make sure that the “cyber gods” are all “behaving” and ready to rumble for us  –  crazed crafters…so please be patient and I hope that everything is a smooth transition.

I will be like you…..patiently waiting and I would imagine if they are ready before this timeframe then we will all find out at the same time! I have a list and I am sooooooo excited! This excitement inside and being an adult is just the best! (you see….we are STILL young at heart)







Please do not be fooled that just because today is the last day….than everything will just go into the clearance….It doesn’t work that way…trust me….I have BEEN THERE DONE THAT – and them I was sad. If you want something – GET IT TODAY…just because it is retiring that doesn’t mean that it is going to clearance.  😐

I have LOTS of Bakers Twine stocked up as I just love the look of it, the ease of using it and the price – you just can’t go wrong!

Many thanks for a fabulous year with this catalog. It is a journey that I loved being on with you and I am looking forward to more fun and inspiration from what the NEW KID ON THE BLOCK will be offering to us!









“Giving Thanks” is always GREAT!

Stampin' Up! Thoughtful Branches Limited Editions Bundle, Suite Sayings Stamp Set, Susan Itell - simplestampin

Wow….sometimes it is hard to put into words…but I am happy….super happy! It was a GREAT weekend and I will share with you later this week some highlights of it and I am sure if you are an animal lover, you will “get it”, you will smile! 🙂


It has been HOT…really , really HOT – and when it is HOT – I am miserable! (and sometimes grumpy)

Heat and humidity are not friends of mine and I make no bones about it and please continue to follow this week as I have a funny for you that only YOU ALL will appreciate!

Now let’s get to this card….I am doing the “happy dance” over it as it is sweet….super sweet and one that I know that YOU can make and one that YOU will be so proud of!


Stampin' Up! Fall Card using the Suite Sayings Stamp Set,Petals & Paisleys DSP, Thoughtful Branches Bundle, Susan Itell - simplestampin

I was DETERMINED to work with (3) elements today ~


Thoughtful Branches-Collage-e1467734922290


  • Petal & Paisleys Specialty DSP *** (NEW HOLIDAY CATALOG)*** A new a fresh DSP that is just fabulous 😉 
  • Suite Seasons Stamp Set *** (NEW HOLIDAY CATALOG)*** ~ WOOT-WOOT, you can see that this is going to be a keeper…another great sentiment set!


Suite Seasons, Holiday Catalog 2016


I am very excited for the Holiday Catalog and no worries…..September 1st will be here before you know it (heck it is already the 15th) and because of the heat – I am thinking of FALL…beautiful FALL with cooler temperatures and changing leaves! BY FAR, my favorite season of the year!


Clean & Simple Stampin' Up! Card using the Thoughtful Branches Bundle, Suite Seasons Stamp Set, Susan Itell- simplestampin


I knew that I wanted to use the leaves from the Thoughtful Branches as I love the detail on the leaves and the ease of making them as we have a framelit to match! I chose my color palette right from the DSP and yep – I used my swatch book that I made to help (click here to see the swatch book offerings, share #1 of the Product Share)

You can see that this is a very straight forward card (that’s the way I like it) I used a nice and wide strip of the DSP so the beautiful print could shine and then I masked off the stamp to get the (2) colors. You could easily stamp this in a solid color but sometimes I think it is worth the extra step/effort in doing (2) colors!


Stampin' Up! Suite Sayings Stamp Set, Thoughtful Branches Limited Edition Bundle, Susan Itell - simplestampin

Below is your 411, Directory Assistance Photo for you to PIN away for the future (just pin it right from the picture, can’t get any easier than that) The colors and the simplicity of this card is right up my alley…and of course the envelope is parked int he same alley!

Stampin Up! Suite Seasons Cards, Thoughtful Branches, Petals & Paisleys DSP, Susan Itell - simplestampin


I have a feeling….a STRONG feeling that both of these new products are going to be super popular! You all have LOVED the Thoughtful Branches Bundle and remember, it is just around for 2 more weeks and then BYE-BYE…..If I were you, I would click that button and get this – you will have a GREAT BUNDLE plus you will earn PAW PRINTS from me!

Please pop back tomorrow as it is a Tuesday Tip that will be making you do the “happy dance” – I sure have been since I have implemented this tip into my craft area!


dog shop now


Sneak Peek and Super Cute!

Thoughtful Branches Bundle - Susan Itell Stampinup

Good Morning! I hope that everyone had a great weekend and is charged up for a great week ahead! On the East Coast we had a bit of relief from the heat but it will be back in FULL FORCE this week so if you live in an area with high heat and humidity, be careful!

I know that you all have been hearing about the new limited edition bundle that will be available to purchase starting August 2nd. (Well, that is not quite true as if you are a demonstrator, you could order it now)….so think about it this way, join the fun and be able to get your crafty paws on it now! (just saying) 🙂




Below you will see the super fun bundle that will be available for you to purchase and I invite you to look at all of the possibilities that this bundle offers! Naturally the Tree and it’s details are super amazing…but look at the sentiments and the fonts – total keepers!

Remember~  for every $50 increment you spend this month, Stampin’ Up! will send you via email a $5.00 voucher to be used in August….so now is a great time to be taking advantage of this “buy now…spend later” opportunity (There are no restrictions on how many $5 vouchers you can earn) and I am offering DOUBLE PAW PRINTS thru this Thursday, July 14th!




Thoughtful Branches-Collage-e1467734922290


I have a parade of pictures for you and I hope that they bring a smile to your face! The details of the leaves are amazing, Stampin’ Up! has really out done themselves with this beauty.

I hope that you can see that I cut the entire tree out in the Early Espresso and then I did use the stamp of the tree stump (in Soft Suede)….I just layered it over top as I wanted the base of the tree to be larger.


Thoughtful Branches Bundle #1 - Susan Itell Stampinup


I adore the way that you can still see the tree limbs (early espresso) with the leaves over top! A simple snip of some extra leaves did the trick to mimic them falling and on the ground! Won’t this be a FUN set for fall!!! I am already thinking of the beautiful ways we can change it up


Thanful Branches Stampin' Up! August Bundle - Susan Itell stampinup



You can see how I placed the adhesives. I first dotted some green glue on the tree and then placed the leaves on top! (you can also see the boo-boo I made as I was trying a different shade of green but I did not like it so….FLIP IT OVER and presto – re-stamp….save when you can!) 😉

The new foam adhesive strips are true keepers to have on hand. Not only are they great that they are super thin, I love the fact that you can bend them and cut them to any size you need~ I call that a time saver!


Thoughtful Branches #4 - Susan ItellStampinup


You can see that the entire tree/sentiment are popped up! This really makes the card super special. Being able to stamp the grass and then add some leaves on top of the grass really gives a great dimension.

You know me, I adore my Bakers Twine and today is no different! It always adds so much and using simple glue dots does the trick each and every time. (Remember…it’s the basics like this that make what we do work) 😛 


Thoughtful Branches #2 - Susan Itell Stampinup


A super quick “low down” on this adorable DSP for the back flap of the envelope! I have a confession…I did purchase the new sponge brayer but have not used it until this card. I honestly was not 100% thrilled with the flimsiness of the handle so I think I just pushed it to the back-burner but yesterday I thought….let’s try this thing!

Well…I did and I am glad! It was super easy to use and I went and washed it out and it cleaned up perfectly for the next project. It was fun to roll back and forth to get the “just right” color I was looking for. How do you like it? This paper, Irresistibly Floral has 6 different tone on tone prints that allow you to use them “as is” or color it as I did today!


Sponge Brayer Stampin' Up!-Susan Itell


There you go! I was on a roll yesterday and I have made up some other cards for you later to post about this bundle. I think that when you see them you will say WOW, they are so different! That is what is fun to do with a stamp set – to stretch it in many ways so you can justify the purchase of it! (trust me, I get that)

Feel free to pin this for the future…because when you get your own in August…I hope that you case away! 🙂


Thoughtful Branches Bundle #3 - Susan Itell Stampinup


Have a fabulous Summer day….stay cool and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for Tuesday Tips! I have something for you that I think will be a great “check list” – reminder for you!

If you have a friend that needs a dose of daily inspiration….please share my blog with them, they can subscribe (like you do I hope) and everyday you will get a dose of sunshine!


Pals Blog Hop: Holiday Catalog fun!

Welcome to the Pals Blog Hop for September.  This month we are showing off our favorite new products from the new Stampin’ Up! Holiday Catalog.  We hope you enjoy our projects!

You may just be starting the blog hop or may have come from Kalyn Shubnell at The Stamping Chronicles #7 on the Pals Hop.  If you get off track at any time, the full lineup below will help you move along from blog to blog so you see all the projects.


Hello and welcome! One thing I think we all can agree on is….this new catalog is OFF THE CHARTS! Page after page is filled with fun new stamp sets, amazing kits, gorgeous papers and TONS OF BUNDLES!

I thank Stampin' Up! for continuing to offer more and more Bundles and today I am going to share with you a bundle that I simple adore! It is A Little Something Bundle! Why do I love this so much?

Easy…it creates fun, simple & useful "pillow boxes" that can be filled with so many things ~ from candy, to 3 X 3 cards, to gift certificates….jewelry – the sky is the limit.


In the pictures below you will see that I have tried to inspire you with many different ways to use these products. I adore making 3 X 3 cards….I think that is something that we forget about making. They not only are super handy to have but they also make wonderful gifts!


When you make a pillow box, it uses just one sheet of paper per box. I trim it to 5 1/2" X 6" and still have some scraps for other projects.

Being able to add bling with an embossing folders makes it so much fun! I really like using the tone on tone effect with the fantastic stamps that are in this stamp set – FUN!



No who does not like M & M's? I like using the themed colors that are available  now…just have fun thinking out of the box when using this framelit.

The cotton ribbon makes such beautiful bows…ties like a dream and the little touch of Bakers Twine adds interest.


This tear tape is amazing to use for project like this! Not only is it super strong it is so easy to use. Love the fact that you can tear it… more red tape sticking to you! I say – WOOT-WOOT!


Ho-Ho-Ho!!! Isn't this a cute ensemble? I love this pom-pom trim and it is just so much fun to play around and create all different goodies! I hope that these examples will inspire you to hit that SHOP NOW button and get going! Make a list of all of the gifts you can make using this fabulous bundle!




Look at the fabulous images below to see how you can tie both if these items together, the stamp set and the framelit to create many amazing works of art!


Many thanks for popping in and I hope that you are enjoying this fun hop! I just love this time of the year as we are always coming up with fun ways to get the holiday spirit rolling.

The next stop is Mary Fish at Stampin’ Pretty, number 9 on the Pals Blog Hop!  Thanks for visiting; I hope to see you on next month’s Pals Hop!


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